TheeFloydy Chronicles

The Idea, Simply Put

For years I’ve contemplated becoming a ‘YouTuber’ and last December was when I decided to begin this journey. Fast-forward to this semester, I really started to find success. Inspired by the slick editing of the Sidemen videos, and the comedic persona of PewDiePie, I tried to find a series I could do consistently, and something that would work well as a digital artefact. Having explored potential ideas like a series based on YouTube tropes, and even potentially an editing tutorial, I finally took inspiration from the videos on Life of Tom and began weekly(ish) vlogging. This is something I thought would be relatively easy to film, as recording the events of your life is easier than coming up with a concept for a video. Additionally, it fit the FIST concept as being easy to film, not requiring any additional, simple and tiny in nature and something I could generally do with not a lot of thought. After filming clips throughout the week, I would edit down what I deemed to be the best bits into easily digestible videos no longer than 10 minutes, posting every Monday the events of the week prior.

The Artefact, Not So Simply Done

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 11.00.28 pm.pngEarly on I found quite a lot of success, with all vlogs reaching upwards of 50 views. This was my main source of feedback as comments were rarely anything to do with the content, and subscriptions, while on the rise (albeit inconsistently), could have been down to various videos I was posting at the time, and can’t directly be attributed to the vlogs even though they were my most successful pieces of content going out at that time.

While this was great at the time, I began running into problems with finding content to film. Weeks where I didn’t go out clubbing were quite difficult to record, as not a whole lot was going on. University regularly had presentations going on, which I deemed unsuitable to film, and weekends without much excitement left me stuck for content. Without a clear direction for what to film, I started exploring with how I would present what I would post in the future.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 11.15.43 pm.png

I started to play around with creating an aesthetic for my channel, something I discuss more in my prototyping blog for BCM114. While arguably it didn’t have enough time to really catch on, this is something that didn’t achieve great success and that I wasn’t overly happy with, and so I began working on a new aesthetic, with a new direction for the channel in mind.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 5.58.19 pm.png






I’ve learnt a lot over the course of my second semester, and I believe am finally starting to understand the ins and outs of running a YouTube channel. With big plans such as a documentary on myself in mind, I’m looking to build an aesthetic that I myself find visually appealing, and look to produce content I would find entertaining. While the vlogs had good utility, the process became too complex, and so they will be something that are produced in conjunction with big events, and things that I think would be entertaining to share.

That’s it from me! Take it easy, aaaaaaaand peace!

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Making a Future Out of the Present

What’s up guys! It’s TheeFloydy, and welcome back to my blog.

A lot has changed since the prototyping phase, but at the same time, a lot has stayed the same. Inconsistent uploads have plagued my channel, as I delved deeper into ideas I’d hoped to materialise into meaningful content, and strayed from the formulaic pattern I was creating for myself. In many ways, it makes writing about what I’ve been “making” quite difficult, but lets jump into it nonetheless.

What Floydy Has Been Up To

Plans to vlog on a weekly basis went out the window when I remembered who I am and didn’t live a life interesting enough to post on the internet. A week void of a night out left me in a tough spot, and unless I’d wanted to film me watching YouTube and playing video games for 10 minutes for a video, I had to change my approach. Suddenly lost for fresh ideas, I instead worked on some aesthetics and ideas for ways my channel could develop moving forward, as well as thought of some plans for the future.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 5.58.19 pm.png
The thumbnail of my most recent video
Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 11.38.30 am.png
My channel art

So I finally came up with some channel art. It’s simple, yes, but does the trick while I think of ideas to improve it. But more importantly, I’m aiming to move towards a new aesthetic. While the previous one was consistent, with borders, black and white backgrounds and varying colour schemes, I didn’t like it. And something PewDiePie said that really stood out to me was, if he didn’t like his own video after watching it, he couldn’t expect his audience to and so he wouldn’t post it. Thinking along the same lines, I believe I need an aesthetic that appeals to me, in order to have a chance at it appealing to my audience. Yes, this may seem obvious, but hey, I’m still learning.

Moving forward, I want to keep the background colour pattern, but obviously with different colours to create somewhat unique looks. The position and style of text may be something I also focus on, as I want a consistent element in my thumbnails, that is visually appealing yet not too formulaic.

What Floydy’s Doing Moving Forward

The main thing now is where I go from here. This isn’t just some project that I will leave behind with the classes I’m working on it in. This is something I’m passionate about, and will continue for the foreseeable future. And there’s big… BIG plans in the works.

Instagram poll

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve started coming up with big videos for the future, things I can work on with great passion and things I can be proud of. I took to Instagram to suggest one of these, and got an overwhelmingly positive response. Putting forward the idea of a documentary on myself, I was met with great responses and lots of people supporting the idea. Accompanied by direct messages showing support of the idea, and even people wanting to be involved, I knew this is something that really needs to be done. And so I will. With a series of interviews including family, friends, and anyone I can get to feature in it, as well as insights into my life and a story that documents how I came to be the person I am today, I truly aim to make this something special, and something to be remembered. This is where I really want to show what I’m capable of, because eventually you get sick of hitting singles, and you want to smash one for six.

Check out my channel if you haven’t done so already here, and I’ll catch you guys again soon.

Take care, and peace.

The Omnipresent Surveillance of Things

The internet of things (IoT) on face value is a great thing! We’ve enjoyed our lives so far, having social media, and being connected to one another online. Those who have read George Orwell’s ‘1984’ would probably know it doesn’t present the best standard of living… but they may not know that a world where the internet of things is in effect could be equally dangerous.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 11.12.16 pm.png

The purpose of my remediation is to demonstrate that the themes of ‘1984’ could exist within the internet of things, and worse still, without being recognised. A world where everything is on, social media can’t be escaped, and you’re surrounded by devices with infinite memory and the capabilities to process far more than the human mind. The internet may seem like it’s in society’s control, but it’s just a fancier piece of technology for government control. Soon enough, it could be controlling us.

Cybercrime, Warfare, and Meming

Cyberwarfare is a very dangerous prospect, partly because the extent to which it can grow is relatively unknown. Hacking and the leaking of personal information are major concerns in cybercrime, but signs of cyberwarfare have already begun to show. With fake propaganda such as the #DraftOurDaughters campaign, and the publication of comments made by Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un that resulted in fears of a terrorist attack, it’s hard to predict where this could go, but we know where it has been.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 10.53.08 pm.png

Conflict on social media is a given, and arguments are rife all across the internet. From children trolling, to heated debates between politicians on twitter, the internet has given everyone a platform to be vocal about their beliefs. Platforms like YouTube are known for trolling and “hate comments”, but now with computer worms like Stuxnet and powerful organisations like Anonymous, the fears of cyberwarfare are far greater when those with the ability to act on it are involved.

Anonymous, and Known Worldwide

Anonymous have been known for some time now, and have been an anti-hero for society in revealing some dark truths through some nefarious memes. I’m sure many Playstation users will remember when many people’s details were reported to have been leaked, and all because Anonymous wanted to expose how easily it could be done.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 10.35.29 pm.png

They both act on behalf of and against society. Social activists, campaigners for better security and hackers all at the same time. They have demonstrated a power unlike anything that had been seen before them. Morals like the Batman, and a wicked sense of justice like the Joker. They have targeted. government agencies with various DDOS cyber attacks, and continue to rival those in power. They’ve demonstrated an ability to know more than the general public, and to reveal the tricks to various government’s trades. Criminals sure, but they may well get the moral victory in the end.

If they reveal a government’s two-faced actions, they win.

Putting the “You” back in YouTube

Online platforms are often rife with debates, arguments, and even controversy. In a world where we all can hide behind a screen, uprisings are easy to stage from our own households, but many go beyond that.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 10.17.17 pm.png

Within the YouTube scene, many creators have complained about the way the platform is heading. From demonetisation, to favouring mainstream channels with features on the trending page, and even errors in the system that fail to notify subscribers when their favourite YouTube personality uploads a video. Many of these complaints fall on deaf ears, and at best get a “we’re working on it” in response. Creators ask for explanations on algorithms, details on why things are happening, and when things will be fixed, but nothing ever seems to be solved. The way YouTube allows its personalities to network with each other makes it easy for these grievances to be voiced… but YouTube stop listening.

The Power is in the Screen

With so much to study, there is so much to learn. Operating in the social media space can be an eye-opening experience, and not always for the best. When you delve deep into the theory behind being successful on a social media page, you will inevitably run into ideas of framing, becoming a persona, and being an extension of yourself. In reality, we aren’t all entertaining enough to be megastars. Fake it ’til you make it.

We all have the power to aggregate the interactions people have with us on social media, and the ability to change our actions based on what we find. It’s a natural development to rectify any mistakes made that caused something to be unsuccessful. On the internet however, that can come down to personality, and that can be dangerous to play with. If we start to change who we are in order to be successful, is it really us that is successful?