Turning My Average Podcast, Into a Beta Podcast

What started off as a simple idea to create a platform for people to share their stories, has evolved into a multimedia project with more potential than I thought was possible so soon… and all because of some lovely feedback.

I have already made some changes to the presentation of my podcast, and will continue to do so moving forward. The titling of videos on YouTube is very important, and I have taken recommendations on board to title my videos based on the content within the podcast, rather than simply putting the name of the guest, as it was suggested that the audience seeing my thumbnails would be further intrigued to view the content, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 12.34.43 pm.png

Along similar lines, a comment I received on my original pitch urged me to post snippets of content on various social media platforms as a teaser of sorts. I have implemented this thus far through Snapchat and Instagram, posting a short clip (1 minute at most) of some discussion points in the podcast without the context around them, hoping to add intrigue to the content. Moving forward, these will also be posted to twitter, while I also search for a subreddit on which this content would be fitting so I can advertise it there as well.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 2.28.45 pm.png

The comment also mentions posting audio versions on various platforms, something I will also explore, and ties in to my main point of focus through this beta, being to find ways of appealing to different audiences. I will try to achieve this further through posting the podcast on multiple platforms, framing the videos to be more appealing, and by also interviewing figures of interest to different demographics to try and broaden my reach.

Very exciting times! You can see a video of where I’m at below.


3 thoughts on “Turning My Average Podcast, Into a Beta Podcast

  1. Hey Ben, i’m loving the direction your digital artefact is taking!

    Part of the Youtube world is paying attention to details…. Thumbnails, captions, consistent uploads, promoting and creator/viewer interaction. I think your beta has delved into all of these realms and it will have an increasingly positive effect on the final project.

    I think the way to broaden your intended audience to increase engagement simply comes from the change in content itself… for example, having the captions of the videos highlighting different aspects of life in order to appeal to different markets. The way in which you have shot your content is great and I think it should remain the same, it’s more so what you’re talking about that should change from video to video, unless there’s a particular subject that gains a large amount of following and you want to stick with that.

    Branching out to other platforms and using your guests in the video’s as your promoters can be a smart way to increase followers that are outside your current viewing circle. If you have guests that are out of your immediate friend/family group and they promote your work, the likelihood of new followers is larger than if you maintained a close knit circle in terms of guest selections.

    Keep up the good work…. And ps. Great guests selections.


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