The Future of YouTubers, TikTok’ers and more…

As discussed in the video above, I’m looking to post a series of video essays looking at various online platforms for entertainment in order to predict what they could become in the future. This topic is inspired by the discussion in the week three lecture talking about prediction and forecasting, as I look to draw on the history of various social media sites to analyse the trends and consistencies, modifying them in a way that makes them plausible as a future reality. This is also in line with the week two discussion on Novums, a term coined by Darko Suvin to describe the “scientifically plausible innovations used by science fiction narratives.” They are a trend of current times, taken in isolation and modified into some future form, which is something I hope to emulate as I analyse current elements of social media entertainment, projecting them into my predicted future and analysing what they could become.

Guides to growing social media platforms and articles on Tik Tok’s rise to prominence show a preexisting desire in today’s society to gain traction online and find social media success. YouTube trend maps and articles covering analytics such as violent content on YouTube show a further intrigue into what gains traction on online platforms, and the level of detail to which these forms of media can be studied. These articles demonstrate the social utility that I aim for, as I look to provide insightful content into the workings of these platforms, and also demonstrate the level of detail to which this topic can be researched while I carry out this digital artefact.

The plan moving forward is to have a script ready to be shared publicly for feedback every Monday, starting on the 30th of March, 2020. From there, the scripts will be adjusted based on suggestions from my audience, and videos will be recorded every Tuesday to be posted every Wednesday, analysing a specific social media platform focused around entertainment. This process will continue weekly, incorporating suggestions for improvement I get week to week, and from the Beta, until the eventual submission of the digital artefact in week 13.

That’s all for now!!! Make sure you go and subscribe to TheeFloydy, and I’ll see you guys next time.




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